This is a fun, whole class or small group activity to practice spelling and working with words.  I love it because it incorporates word play and my students love it because they enjoy figuring out the “mystery word.”  Slide1

How to Play:

  1.  I think about what spelling patterns I want my students to practice.
  2. I think of a word that has many of the letters I want to use in it.  I try to think of words that are 7-10 letters.  DSC04707
  3. I brainstorm all of the words I can make with the given letters.  I try to think of at least 5-7 that fit a certain spelling pattern.
  4. I give my students the letters needed and give directions on building each word.
    • Use three letters to spell the word ran.
    • Add one letter to spell rain.
  5. After students have built all the words, I ask them to figure out the mystery word.  This is their favorite part! If they can’t figure it out, I give them clues.
    • First I give them word clues (It is a compound word.  It rhymes with “main”)
    • Then I give them content clues (It is a vehicle.  It flies in the sky…etc.)

It is a fun activity that involves visual, auditory, and kinesthetic practice.  It will be perfect for all the learners in your classroom!

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