DIY Summer Workbook

Summer is here! Many of your kids are probably out of school or soon to be starting summer vacation.  Fun and relaxation is a very important part of summer break.  It is a great opportunity to spend 1:1 time with your kids.  Many parents also want their child to do a little learning over the summer.  Don’t worry, summer learning can be interactive, fun, and inexpensive too!

No need to go out to your local bookstore and buy a $15 workbook.  Take a look at some of the great resources Teachers Pay Teachers has to offer.  Many of these resources are less than $3.00, or even free!  There is also some great variety.  There are worksheets, games, and activities.

Counting 1-20

Stampin10Frames     Number1-20Workmats     OceanAnimalCounting     PIrateKidsAdding

Place Value: Tens



  • FreePlace Value Riddle Race – This game uses number riddles to build place value understanding.  Read more about it here, or click here to download it from my TpT store.      Slide2
  • $1.00: Today’s Number – This is an activity you can complete over and over.  For use at home, just pop the paper into sheet protector and use a dry erase marker to answer the questions.  Read more about the routine here, or click here to take a closer look at my TpT store.    Slide2
  • Here are some other fun activities for practicing place value with tens.

CutandPasteto30     MentalMath

Operations: Addition and Subtraction

  • Free: Addition/Subtraction Race – Click on this link to download for free directions and a printable: AdditionandSubtractionRace
    • This game can be played with any age/grade.
  • Free: Addition Bump – Summer Theme– This is another free resource you can find on Teachers Pay Teachers!     SummerBump
  • $1.00: Addition Facts 5-10: Find and Color Printables – This is a set of 5 worksheets where your child can practice basic addition facts by coloring according to a key.  It is a little more fun than the traditional worksheet and gives them some practice building their mathematical fluency (knowing their math facts quickly).    Slide1
  • Here are some other great resources to practice addition and subtraction:

Summer10Frames     Sumsto10     SpinnerWinner    Bump3dice