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March 2016

Pattern Block Mats

Need a quick, easy, and engaging activity to help students practice counting and cardinality?  Check out my pattern block mats in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.


My students LOVE playing with pattern blocks! There is something very calming and satisfying in manipulating the different shapes and building beautiful designs.  I wanted to create a way for them to use this math manipulative, while also working on their number sense. Continue reading “Pattern Block Mats”

NGSS: A Beginner’s Guide

I love science.  I was a biology major in college and I love sharing science with my elementary school students.  Their excitement is contagious!

So when I heard there were new science standards coming, I took a look and my mind was blown.

I was SO confused!  There were pages and pages of charts, tables, and appendices, explaining an intricate web of disciplinary core ideas, cross-cutting concepts, science and engineering practices…what?!?!?!   Slide1

Continue reading “NGSS: A Beginner’s Guide”

Today’s Number: First Grade

This is a great routine to build number sense and mathematical fluency.  It can be used as a daily or weekly activity to review the standards.  My favorite part…it is really easy to implement

Today'sNumberFirstGradeCover3 Simple Steps:

  1.  Choose a number to be “Today’s Number.”
  2. Make copies or display for your students.
  3. That’s It!!!


Continue reading “Today’s Number: First Grade”

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