This is a great routine to build number sense and mathematical fluency.  It can be used as a daily or weekly activity to review the standards.  My favorite part…it is really easy to implement

Today'sNumberFirstGradeCover3 Simple Steps:

  1.  Choose a number to be “Today’s Number.”
  2. Make copies or display for your students.
  3. That’s It!!!


There are two levels for this activity.  This allows for easy differentiation, either for different times in the school year, or for different students at the same time of year.  If you have a student who has very strong number sense, they may be ready for level 2 right away.  If you have a student who is struggling with number sense and needs some extra review, they may use level 1 a little longer.

Each time you do this activity you choose a different number.  This gives flexibility for you to strategically choose the number you would like your students to work with.

Level 1– This level is approaching First Grade Math CCSS.  This level is appropriate for the beginning of the year, or for students who are struggling with place value and need to review Kindergarten number sense concepts.

Level 2– This level is meeting First Grade CCSS and also provides a challenge.  This level is appropriate for later in the year, after you have worked with many of the NBT standards, or for students who are ready for a challenge right away.


Tips to Implement

When I introduce this activity, I usually work on the items as a whole class and then gradually release responsibility to students until they are able to complete independently.

I often launch math with this activity.  It provides a quick review and gives students frequent practice with the standards, allowing them to develop mathematical fluency.  When students can complete independently, it is a great activity for seatwork, to leave for substitutes, or to give as homework.

This activity is available for purchase at my Teachers Pay Teachers store. The product includes 2 levels for differentiation, along with answer keys and some tips for implementation.

Hope this is a helpful resource for you!