Many of my students need repeated practice with reviewing their letters and sounds.  When learning the alphabet, it is important that students know letter names, sounds, and learn how to write the letters.  It is important to work with letters in many different ways so that students get repeated practice.  And of course, I always love a good game. Slide1.PNG

Here is a quick activity you can do with the students in your classroom or with your child at home.

How to Play Alphabet Pumpkin Cover-Up

  1.  Print out this game.  (click the link to download)  Choose the game board with uppercase letters or the game board with lower case letters depending on what your child needs to practice.  The link includes parent-friendly directions for teachers to send home!  
  2. Give clues.  Your child will cover up the letter that matches the clue.
    • Cover up the letter ___. (ex: Cover up the letter A)
    • Cover up the letter that makes the ___ sound. (ex: Cover up the letter that makes the /a/ sound)
    • Cover up the letter that makes the same sound as the word ___. (ex: Cover up the letter that makes the same sound as the word astronaut)
    • Cover up the letter that ___’s name starts with.  (ex: Use the names of family members, favorite television shows or books.  Cover up the letter that Andy’s name starts with.)
  3. Play until your child has covered up a predetermined set of letters (ex: 10 letters).20161013_153311

I hope that this is a fun way to practice and review letter sounds.  A strong foundation in letter-sound correspondence supports students as readers and writers!


Note to Teachers: This game is a great review before or after your guided reading group.  I like to do word work as a part of my guided reading lesson, but I need something that is a quick, low prep activity.  Give clues about letters that will support your beginning readers with your guided reading text, or use the game to review letters that you have already practiced as a class.