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Number Sense Activities for 11-20

My two year old is learning to count, but when he gets up into the teens, he gets a little confused.  13, 14, 16, 19, 20!

As kids are learning to count those teen numbers can get pretty confusing.  But they are not just confusing to count off, it is also difficult to understand what the numbers represent. Continue reading “Number Sense Activities for 11-20”

Tens Go Fish

Understanding ten is HUGE in development of place value.  Kids should quickly be able to identify all of the ways to make 10 (2+8, 4+6…).  This should be automatic and playing a game is a great way to practice. Continue reading “Tens Go Fish”

Find and Color: Place Value Printables

My students love to color, so I like to give them opportunities to use their crayons while doing a little extra thinking!

   Slide1 Continue reading “Find and Color: Place Value Printables”

At Home with First Grade: 1 Fun Game for Place Value Practice

Place Value is SO important! The more you can play games and work with place value at home, the better.  Here is a fun game to practice place value with your child.  DSC04581 Continue reading “At Home with First Grade: 1 Fun Game for Place Value Practice”

Place Value Games and Activities

Place value understanding is an important foundation for future success in math, so it is very important that early elementary teachers work frequently with these concepts.

What better way to practice then to play some games and have some fun?


Check out my freebie on Teachers Pay Teachers!

Riddle Race is a place value game where students work with several place value concepts (tens, ones, ten more, ten less, one more, one less) as they solve riddles and move along a game board. Continue reading “Place Value Games and Activities”

Pattern Block Mats

Need a quick, easy, and engaging activity to help students practice counting and cardinality?  Check out my pattern block mats in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.


My students LOVE playing with pattern blocks! There is something very calming and satisfying in manipulating the different shapes and building beautiful designs.  I wanted to create a way for them to use this math manipulative, while also working on their number sense. Continue reading “Pattern Block Mats”

Today’s Number: First Grade

This is a great routine to build number sense and mathematical fluency.  It can be used as a daily or weekly activity to review the standards.  My favorite part…it is really easy to implement

Today'sNumberFirstGradeCover3 Simple Steps:

  1.  Choose a number to be “Today’s Number.”
  2. Make copies or display for your students.
  3. That’s It!!!


Continue reading “Today’s Number: First Grade”

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