Need a quick, easy, and engaging activity to help students practice counting and cardinality?  Check out my pattern block mats in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.


My students LOVE playing with pattern blocks! There is something very calming and satisfying in manipulating the different shapes and building beautiful designs.  I wanted to create a way for them to use this math manipulative, while also working on their number sense.

There are 24 unique designs.

  1. There are twelve different 10 block mats.  The 10 block mats each have different designs built with 10 pattern blocks.Slide15
  2. There are twelve different 11-20 block mats.  Each mat has different designs built with 11-20 pattern blocks.Slide31


I decided to make some mats with 10 blocks to support our work at the beginning of the year, and to support any students who needed additional practice with counting up to ten, after the curriculum moved on to other standards.

The 11-20 mats are designed for later in the school year when we begin exploring with numbers greater than 10.  They may also be used any time for students who are ready for a challenge.

Each mat is made in color and b&w and labeled with a letter for easy organization.  The product also comes with 4 recording sheets to support your students’ work with counting and cardinality.  In one set of mats, students will sort the blocks by color, counting how many blocks in each color group. In the other set of mats, students will sort the blocks by shape, counting how many blocks of each shape.


The full version of this product is available at my Teachers Pay Teachers store, as well as a freebie version with some samples for you to try out.

Hope this is a fun addition to your math time!