I love science.  I was a biology major in college and I love sharing science with my elementary school students.  Their excitement is contagious!

So when I heard there were new science standards coming, I took a look and my mind was blown.

I was SO confused!  There were pages and pages of charts, tables, and appendices, explaining an intricate web of disciplinary core ideas, cross-cutting concepts, science and engineering practices…what?!?!?!   Slide1

I applied to participate in a grant that would support early implementation for NGSS in my school district.  I attended a week-long training and participated in lesson studies.  The pieces slowly started to come together and things became clearer.

But, I am worried…I know the limitations many elementary teachers face.  There is a lot to plan and even more to teach.  Science gets put on the back burner.  Now that I have learned more about NGSS , I do believe that our new standards will give students the opportunity to become strong scientific thinkers and support them being a 21st century learner.  But how are busy teachers going to process and make meaning out of NGSS?  Not everyone will have the luxury of attending trainings and getting extra professional development.

I decided to write a beginner’s guide to NGSS.  This freebie is an overview of the various components of the standards.  I hope it helps fit the pieces together for elementary school teachers. Click on the graphic below to download this free resource from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.