Place Value is SO important! The more you can play games and work with place value at home, the better.  Here is a fun game to practice place value with your child.  DSC04581

Place value means the value of each of the digits in a number.  For first graders, this means understanding that all 2 digit numbers are composed of some tens and ones.

For example, your first grader will know that 23 is two tens and 3 ones.  The 2, does not represent 2, it represents two tens, which have a value of 20.

In order to build this understanding here are a three quick and easy activities you can do at home to help out your child.

Take 2

You will need:

  • a deck of playing cards (face cards removed) OR a deck of Uno cards (game cards like Wild and Draw 2 removed)
  • something to keep score with
    • pad of paper and pencil OR
    • something small (like legos) OR
    • something edible (like Cheerios, raisins, fruit snacks, skittles)

How to play:

  1. Shuffle the cards and put them face down in a pile.     DSC04585
  2. Player 1 turns over 2 cards and builds a number.  Player 2 turns over two cards and builds a number.    DSC04581
  3. Compare the numbers.  Ask questions like:
    • Which number is greater?
    • How do you know?
    • Why is this greater?
  4. The player with the greater number earns 1 point (make a tally mark on the paper, grab a counter, or collect a fruit snack)
  5. If your child is not sure how to compare:
    • Try drawing a picture.  Make groups of tens and count them by 10.  Then count the ones that are left over.   DSC04582
    • Use legos/duplos or some other stacking toy to connect groups of ten to build the number.
  6. How is it going?
    1. If this is really confusing for your child, take a step back and instead of comparing numbers, just practice building numbers.  Draw two cards and build or draw the number together.
    2. If this is easy for your child, try a three digit number! Talk about hundreds, tens, and ones.

Have Fun!