Sight words are those words that appear all the time in text, but are often difficult to read because you can’t use reading strategies to figure them out.

That is why children need to memorize sight words and learn them with automaticity! The more a child reads, and rereads a particular sight word, the more automatic it becomes.  This helps them to become a better, more confident reader.

But, drilling sight words with flashcards can be B-O-R-I-N-G!!!!!

Here are 7 Fun, Quick, and Easy Activities to help your child learn their sight words.


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Here is a sneak peek at the activities described in the freebie.  Be sure to download the freebie for a complete set of directions!

Reading Sight Words

Your Pile, My Pile  

Can your child get all the words in “My Pile?” That means they can read all of them accurately and correctly!

Beat the Clock

Read the words as well as you can, as fast as you can.  Then, try to beat your score.

DSC04590     DSC04592

Scavenger Hunt

Kids love hunts of any kind, so why not do a sight word hunt?  I have seen this idea in a lot of different places around the internet.  Here is another example of how the game can work.

Hide words around the house so your child can go on a word hunt.


If you find two words that match, AND you can read them, collect the match.  If the cards don’t match, turn them over.

DSC04596   DSC04595

Writing Sight Words

Writing sight words with automaticity is just as important as being able to read them.  Beginning writers have so many things to manage (letter/sound correspondence, topic they are writing about, conventions of writing) that if they know how to write some sight words automatically, it will help them become better, more confident writers.

The purpose of these activities is to write, and rewrite the words.  The more a child writes them, the more automatic they become.


Play Tic-Tac-Toe with sightwords


Rainbow Write

Write and rewrite the word in different colors.


Sight Word Sprint

Write the word as many times as you can within a certain time (ex: 30 seconds)

Have fun with the games!  Be sure to check back for more fun activities to support your child’s learning!